About me

∴T∴R∴E∴N∴D∴S∴  ∴I∴N∴  ∴S∴O∴U∴L∴

Enjoyment, Juliet Nishi, am 23 years old, I am Brazilian and I am six years in sl.
I received an invitation some time to start blogging, and why the hell I would not accept? Love fashion, and despite not knowing anything, I think I could;), so today I'm here with this tasty world and starting my own blog and I will take care and feed it every day like a baby.
I am dedicated to everything I do, and it's no different with my sponsors, I try to do my best to meet your expectations of me.
Fashion is not just fame and price, fashion is to be an eye out for the best, exclusive quality brands.
Feel free, the house is yours too !!

Xoxo, Juliet.

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